Reflection One

1. In your social group, what are the structural norms for dressing?  How are these norms embodied?  If you were going to change the norms in your group how would you do so?

I hate to think that I follow the “social norm” of dressing. Normal is boring and God forbid, I will never be a basic bitch. My closest friends are imaginative and rad people, expressing who they are by what they wear. What’s “Normal” in my group of friends is thrifting and being inovative. Finding something that someone else doesn’t want and making it look good. I think it’s really important to have people in your life who are constantly inspiring you. I love being inspired by my friends and then translating that into a new design. I love making my own clothes. People always say “Make me that!” and part of me wants to, but then the other half secretly loves the fact that I made it and someone else can’t have it. “The goods we purchase and use (and hence their fashionability) must say something about who we are.” (Pg 4 of Identities through Fashion) I honestly agree with this statement 100%. 



2. In what social situation were you embarrassed because of something you wore?  How did this situation affect future choices?

In 2009 I was living in Seattle. At this point in my life I definitely did not have a defining identity. I had just left a wedding, wearing a basic strapless dress from Forever 21. My friends and I had just gotten to a cafe and right as we were about to be seated this girl right out front, through the window is waving to get my attention – because she’s wearing the same dress. I now swear to avoid buying anything from Forever 21 that actually looks like it’s from there. 


3. How do you perceive your body?  Passive or Political?  Please provide an example of why you think it is passive or political.

I don’t perceive my body as passive. When I think of passive I’m thinking submissive, obedient, docile etc. If my personality is somewhat aggressive than maybe my body is more political than passive. In order to “Only accept what rings true to your own inner self” (Pg. 19 Identities through fashion) I feel you have to step away from being passive. 




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  1. madeatcsula

    Bethany, I have reviewed your blog for ART 302. I notice your are missing reading #5/6. Is that correct?

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