Nathalie Miebach: Changing Waters

When I went to the Nathalie Miebach: Changing Water exhibit I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of her before and hadn’t seen any of her previous work. Nathalie’s craftwork is amazing, and immaculate. The details that go into these pieces are so beautiful, I love the materials that she chose to use and how she incorporated them so perfectly to represent this data between weather and living marine systems. On some of the larger pieces the colors were so beautiful that it almost distracts away from the piece it’s self but once you step in closer and really focus on what she’s trying to display it all just falls into place. Just a few of the materials that she used were wooden reeds, washers, rope, zip ties, and some basket weaving techniques. I love crafts and diagram like pieces. To take this scientific data and to translate it the way she does really catches your attention. My favorite part of the installation was one that looked like a theme park on an island. The thought, time and scientific research that must have gone into these pieces really blow my mind.  As someone who really enjoys crafts it was inspiring to see her use of materials which really left me wanting to incorporate some of those unconventional pieces into design.







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  1. madeatcsula

    Please expand on how you would use what you saw in your final project.

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