Reading #3

Armoured: Having a type of protective covering. Hard on the outside.14032908-rays-from-setting-sun-enter-the-high-tower-where-armoured-knight-stands-ready-for-combat

Comfortable: Ok with one’s self. To be in a relaxed state of mind. Something that is cozy and makes you feel safe.     dogs-in-blankets-22

Conformist: Trying to fit in by doing what everyone else is doing. Society’s bitch. Someone who cares too much about what other think.image

Pretentious: Acting as if you are better than everyone else. Take things too seriously. Being an asshole.


Tight: to be hip or cool, having everything together. Being very close to someone else. Wearing something that is restrictive.Britney-Spears-OopsI-Did-It-Againclothes-small

Measured: A distance. Taking down a size. Someone who is very careful.images

Essential: Something that is super necessary. Very important. money water-glasses

Plain: Physically average.  Something that doesn’t have a whole lot going on, some what boring. Open space of land. Biscuit

Fashionable: Being current or up to date with a trend. Dressing a certain way.cara-delavigne

Loose: Not fitted but baggy. A girl that gets around.vibe-vixen-TLC-1

Creased: Something that is folded over. Gotten a lot of use. allotrope-01-folded-paper


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  1. madeatcsula

    Consider definitions and images as they relate more closely to body and garment.

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