Nov 1st Dressing Journal Day 1

Matching Skirt and Top – Forever 21 // Doc martens – Thrifted // Back pack – Thrifted // Sunglasses – Crap Eye Wear From The Cobra Shop

Today started with a crappy hang over which was the results of an awesome Halloween the night before. Some friends of mine stayed over, we had a little bit of a late start but we finally made it out of the house and first headed to Beverly Hills juice to spoil ourselves and get what I love to call “Fancy girl juice”.  Apple, lemon, (triple) ginger my all time favorite and yes this does help ahang over. Got some lunch at Grub in West Hollywood, hit up some thrift stores and then headed downtown for some more shopping. Later into the night we hit up a bar down the street from my house and then called it a night.

I religiously check the weather on my phone every morning before I get dressed. My outfit was an easy choice because it was something that was cute and easy to throw on requiring little effort to get ready since I was feeling like shit. My Doc Martens are my go to shoe, they’re like my heart and soul. I’ve had them since 8th grade, they go with anything and everything. I felt comfortable all day and it was a beautiful day out. I did receive two compliments on my skirt and top. 


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