Alter Ego

The inspiration for this alter ego project stemmed specifically from Katy Perry and Amanda Bynes. Both frequently wore blue wigs. In 2010 Katy Perry wore her blue wig in her music California Gurls as well as out and about . In 2013 Amanda Bynes wore a blue wig while she was going crazy.

Back in the day I wanted to dye my hair a fun color, but dying your hair a bright color is not in ones favor with naturally dark hair. Unfortunately I would have to bleach my hair first which would absolutely kill it, so blue hair was never a possibility. Thank fully there are wigs! I thought that wearing a wig would be a fun change and give me the opportunity to have colored hair.

Wearing a wig is so obvious that you are wearing a wig.. doesn’t even remotely look real but whatever. Regardless I had a ton of fun doing his project.  I first executed this project in Vegas, I had a girls trip with three of my girl friends. Putting the wig on was a huge pain in the ass. It’s even a pain in the ass once you have it on securely and let me tell you that shit starts to itch after a while.


Here is hung over me the next day after our first night in vegas.




Here is before we went out to grab some food. Someone looking at me either because I am taking a weird photo in the hall way or because I am so obviously wearing a wig. 


Here’s my friend and I out in front of the hotel:

photo 1


Here’s me hung over at a restaurant getting breakfast at like 4pm:

photo 2

I was literally so hung over that I had to be that person and wear my sunglasses inside. It was funny though because everyone was looking at our table ; and a little bit after my friend had taken this photo a drunk girl came up to ask me “Are you trying to wear a disguise or something”.

I later posted this picture on Instagram saying “A new Me”.

photo 3

These are the comments I got on my photo:

photo 4 photo 5


photo 10

I wanted to wear my wig again in Vegas for a night out but I literally got so lazy that I couldn’t get myself to put it on and possibly having to deal with getting drunk with it falling off or something while dancing because that would have been really bad.

So, the next time I decided to wear my wig was on Thanksgiving. My parents and I decided to go out to the movies where we saw the new Hunger Games movie (so good!!!!!!)

At first I didn’t even tell my parents that I was wearing the wig for a project. My mom didn’t even care and just kept saying how funny  I was and how cute and real it looked. Typical mom. My dad was just like dude you’re so weird. Then I ended up telling them when we went out for the movie so I could have them take some pictures.

Here’s my dad and I buying tickets for the movie:

photo 11

Here’s my mom and I. my dad takes really great pictures)


photo 12

photo 9

photo 6

photo 7

Here someone is actually telling me that they loved my hair and outfit. Other than that one time no one had said anything about my hair. I could tell that people were definitely looking at me through out the day but I felt like no one really wanted to say anything because maybe they thought that I had cancer.

Here’s my mom and I:

photo 8

Over all I really enjoyed this project and always have a fun time doing anything weird that make people think I am crazy. I really didn’t expect that much of a reaction from people because I know that now a days people are dressing more outlandish. Colored hair isn’t anything that extreme these days. I know a ton of people with colored hair. Later on when I went to see my friends band play one of my guy friends came up to me and was like yessss i’m so happy you really didn’t dye your hair blue!!!!!!!

I do wish more people would say what they were thinking and that people did make comments to me. I think it was obvious that I was wearing a wig and it would have been funny to have people say things to me other than the people and my friends that had left me comments on my photo. 








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